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Sustainable Excellence: Jhanavi Heights Pioneering Green Innovations in Real Estate

ABOUT JHANAVI HEIGHTS PRIVATE LIMITEDAs India sets its sights on achieving carbon neutrality by 2070 in alignment with its commitment to the United Nations Conventions on Climate Change (UNFCCC), various sectors, including real estate, are undergoing a noticeable shift towards sustainability. This transition is spurred by factors such as urbanization,...

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Surana & Surana International Consultants Multidisciplinary Consulting Service Company Providing Prompt, Practical And Personalized Solutions

About Surana & Surana International Consultants Established in 1999, Surana & Surana International Consultants (SSIC) embodies a dynamic force in the consultancy realm, renowned for its agile, practical, and bespoke solutions. From igniting startups to guiding multinational giants, SSIC's legacy is etched in its commitment to tailored excellence. Leadership At the helm...

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Innovating Talent Acquisition: The HireQuotient Advantage, Leadership, and Future Vision

ABOUT HIREQUOTIENTHireQuotient is a SaaS startup that uses innovative AI to help companies in the US to build high-quality candidate pipeline in the most efficient (time and cost) and inclusive manner.WHO ARE THEIR CLIENTS?HireQuotient serves a wide range of clients, including notable technology and SaaS mid-market companies like Mediafly, EnsembleIQ,...

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Lincode Labs: Revolutionizing Manufacturing With Ai-Powered Inspection Software And Visionary Leadership

Written By: Aliya Waseem | Entrepreneur One REGARDING LINCODE LABS Lincode Labs Inc is a company that specializes in developing AI-powered inspection software for manufacturing industries. They have offices in Sunnyvale, California, Rochester Hills, Michigan, and an additional development center in India. The company's main goal is to improve the efficiency...

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